Still waters
run deep

The mysteries of filmmaking inspired us to launch a vehicle to promote our films.

Films start with a story which becomes a script, then go from preproduction to production to post-production. The talents we developed in animation led us to software which also starts with a great concept and ends with a great app.

Filmmaking is a passion, but software pays the bills.


Our long road...

  • 201401

    Abacus Multimedia established

    Recently graduated filmmakers formed Abacus Multimedia in Australia to promote a catalogue of films and TV mini-series.

  • 201702

    Expand to New Zealand

    Our bread and butter became training videos and commercials while we developed projects with international appeal.

  • 201903

    Abacus Multimedia Pakistan

    Film, animation, gaming and software overlap. Our own software house develops our own and other companies projects.


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