Imagination, Inspiration and Perspiration


Movies & Advertising

Passion makes great films but rarely pays the bills. However the skills that go into great movie making also produce effective commercials, training videos and corporate presentations. In an age of Lockdowns imagine how useful video streaming has become.

Abacus Multimedia have fantastic filmmaking skills and our multilingual staff can work in many languages.


Software and Fintech

We’re playing our part in digitising the world. Abacus Multimedia has its own software house in Pakistan where we design, build and test the latest software which we also develop in Australia and New Zealand.

We hire the brightest and the best talent to create affordable software for customers anywhere in the world.


Content creation

Our content creators are incredibly talented and cover a broad spectrum spanning film, TV, commercials, website content, SEO and application text. Creative writing will dramatically improve practically any digital production.

Our skilled content creators will dazzle audiences and customers in 12+ languages. By duplicating your service in another language you’ll expand your market.


Abacus Language Services

Our talented team of translators specialise in transforming websites, software, apps, social media advertising and content, instruction manuals, brochures, movie scripts, menus and so much more into the language of your target market.

If you’re an exporter or seeking sales overseas don’t forget that three-quarters of the world’s population do not speak English. You’ll reach more customers in their language.


Who we are